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Monday, November 29, 2004

Random sack 'o' things

1. Following Keith Martin:

Conveyor - Corporal BlossomSubharmonic CompilationsValis I - Destruction of Syntax
Fuck A WarThe Geto BoysWe Can't Be Stopped
Hard To Impress (Live)Catch 22Washed Up And Through The Ring
I've Got the World On a StringLouis PrimaViva Las Vegas
JadedThe Crystal MethodVegas
Just I'll sayDragon AshViva la Revolution
Maria VirginIn ExtremoWeckt Die Totem!
One Of These Things FirstNick DrakeWay To Blue (An Introduction To Nick Drake)
SoullessBlood For BloodWasted Youth Brew
StatecontrolThe HivesVeni, Vidi, Vicious

2.Best spam subject line ever received by me: "Why so Dumb? Nangle"


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