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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Catching up...

Realized that I hadn't made an entry since before Thanksgiving, so here's a quick tour of what I've been up to since then...
Lomo pizza:

Thanksgiving hickory-smoked turkey:

Thanksgiving pumpkin/cranberry creme brulee:

Thanksgiving apple pie (I did the filling, Kathleen did the crust):

Tofu bulgogi:

Hanger steak with bordelaise sauce and hasselback potato:

Fresh marshmallow with blood orange, cinnamon sugar, and smoked paprika:

Tiretracks leading up to the wonderful Christmas surprise waiting for us after we got back from visiting families:

That's right, someone ran over our mailbox. Thanks for leaving us a note, apologizing for knocking our mailbox over, and giving us some money to replace it since we weren't home when you ran it over. Oh, that's right, I forgot - you didn't. You drove away instead. Buttmunch!

(Actually, the mailbox and post were knocked completely over - I set them back up for dramatic efffect)

The beginning of the epic New Year's Eve party:

And that's the only picture that I'm posting, because what happens at Shea and Kathleen's party, stays at Shea and Kathleen's party!

Will hopefully be posting more for the new year.


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