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Friday, February 18, 2005

Biking plans for the year and random human performance geekery

Latest issue of VeloNews has an article on EPO use in bike racing. They've got a sidebar article that talks about WADA determining acceptable hematocrit levels for pro bike racers. They tested 700 elite racers, and determined that the average hematocrit level was 43.5%. Looking at my physical from December, mine's 45.2%. (EPO use boosts hematocrit levels - the WADA cutoff point for hematocrit without medical documentation is 50%).

Same issue of VeloNews has an article on weight loss/weight ranges for bike racers. I'm currently weighing in at about 15 pounds above the range they give for male pro cyclists (sprinters) of my height). Hee hee hee...

Cycling events planned for this season are as follows:
Tour de Stooges (May 7th, planning on doing a metric century)
Bike The Drive (May 29th, planning on doing at least the 30 mile route)

Lake Tour Bike Trek (June 3rd-5th, raises money for the American Lung Association)
The Great Carroll County Cycling Event (June 18th)
Bicycllinois (riding the Champaign to Kankakee leg only, on July 7th)

Bike Psychos' Century (August 28th, planning on doing the double metric century)

Planning on taking about a week to bike around Cedar Falls, Iowa. The plan is to get 50-100 miles in per day, riding for about 5 days (I'd registered for RAGBRAI, but due to other plans, won't be able to ride it, so I'm doing this ride in its place...)


Shea's Heart said...

I'm PUMPING with anticipation!

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