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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chicago trip

As promised, here's tales and pics from our Chicago trip, in roughly chronological order...

We got into Chicago on March 26th, and spent the day at Ikea and Mitsuwa

Y'all are crazy...Natto kicks ass! I want more. Lots more.

Sunday night, we had dinner at Trio Atelier. No pictures, but I had the following:
  • French Rillettes (potted Rabbit, pork and duck, garnishes Parisienne (horseradish cream, capers, onion, pickled cabbage, and lemon)) and Brandade of Salt Cod, accompanied by 2003 Chateau Ducasse Bordeaux
  • Caraway Veal Cheek with Root Vegetable Puree, Mushroom, and Lardon, accompanied by a Vina Izadi Tempranillo
  • They sent out brownies and almond shortbread w/ cacao nibs while we were deciding on dessert
  • I ended up going somewhat savory for dessert, and got the Cashel Bleu Profiterole with Preserved Lemon and Walnuts, accompanied with a Donnelly River Muscat.
Monday was Rheingold at Lyric Opera, Tuesday was Walkure, Wednesday was dinner at Bin36 for Kathleen's birthday.

(Above is not my meal - I had the oysters, as usual, with a glass of Perrier Jouet, followed by the Sauteed East Coast Skate, rosemary & meyer lemon flan, tomato-fennel-olive confit & shoestring potatoes)

Thursday was Siegfried at Lyric Opera. Friday was haircut for Kathleen

Spa for me, and then Edible Book Festival at Columbia - highlight photos below:

After that, we walked to To Pho

Predictably, I had the Pho

...twas fantastic!

Saturday was Gotterdammerung at Lyric Opera. Sunday, back to home. The Ring Cycle was great. Very long, but terrific.


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