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Monday, May 09, 2005

One down

Did Tour de Stooges on Saturday (metric century). Didn't finish anywhere near as quickly as I'd hoped - I was hoping to average about 18 mph, which would have had me finished in around 3:30. However, I hadn't taken into account how hilly it is in Southern Illinois. It ended up taking me almost exactly 5:00, and my legs are still complaining. It was also very windy for a good deal of the fun fun.

I'm still feeling pretty good about my sprinting ability (even near the end of the course, when I was considering DNFing, I still managed to get a couple of 28mph sprints in on some flats), and I'll just plan on working on my climbing ability. I highly recommend Tour de Stooges - beautiful route, very well marked, and very well supported.




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