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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Culinary/creativity question, oh intrepid readers...

Dinner tonight was udon and seitan with a salty/spicy/sour/sweet sauce, dusted with crushed lavender blossoms. Kathleen asked me how I'd come up with the idea of finishing a Japanese-themed meal with lavender, and my answer was "I just did"...As I was finishing the sauce, I asked myself what would go best as a finishing touch, and the first thing that sprang to mind was lavender - there was no identifiable train of thought leading up to lavender, it just appeared. Which is, I agree, a bit of a leap (one which turned out quite well, if I may add). I have a feeling that is how most of my creative decisions, at least around food, occur.

Do you find that creative inspiration most commonly occurs for you with that sort of large leap, rather than as an identifiable train of thought?


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

All aboard the lavendar train (of thought)!

4:51 AM  
Wild Tanuki said...

Yes...that is how it happens for me also. Usually...I sit there trying to come up with something...doing the word associate thing...but really the true inspiration only comes once I've given up on it entirely and gone on to something else.

3:17 PM  
Arthur said...

When cooking, I don't do a lot of thinking. Inspiration comes easily, especially when the chef is well-marinated. Thinking too much tends to ruin the meal (if I'm the one cooking) -- it's as if I've got a multiple personality thing going, such that the part that feels does the cooking, and the part that thinks just gets in the way.

The only exception is sourdough bread. I think my way all the way through that. Everything else, I just play, wing it, let the universe guide me. Somehow, it works every time.

Don't ask me how.

7:44 AM  
Yana/Jenn said...

Wouldn't inspiration have to come in a sudden burst, at least initially? I thin of it as the "Ooo!" moment.

3:37 PM  
hugg33bare said...

My fave "odd" spice, is ground ginger. Especially on seafood.


3:04 PM  

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