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Monday, July 11, 2005

Update of the past couple weeks or so...

Had a great 4th of July BBQ, fairly good riding week last week:
7/4/05: 32 miles, 16.7mph
7/7/05: 108 miles, 13.5mph (Bicycllinois, Champaign to Kankakee leg)
7/8/05: 20 miles, 12.5mph (rest day)
7/9/05: 75 miles, 15.3mph
7/11/05: 27 miles, 17.2mph

Bicycllinois was horribly slow, with a nasty headwind a lot of the way, non-drafting, and I ended up pretty dehydrated (lost about 5 pounds of water weight). The ride was supposed to be about 103 miles, but I ended up lost in unpleasant sections of Kankakee. Also ended up with saddle sores, which are mostly healed by now.

Went for a nice slow leisurely recovery ride on Friday, and got my first case of road rash (see here for a picture if you must).

Had a great ride today, second fastest average time this season.


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