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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ack/cheese sandwich post

250+ action items on my list for today. By the end of the day today, they have to be one of the following (in descending preference):
  1. Done
  2. Delegated
  3. Scheduled for definite completion in the next 10 business days


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I had a boss in the 90's who utilized that workflow philosophy, and her desk was always nice and clean.

But somewhow, those categories seem so limiting.

Here are some suggestions on new categories for broadening your inbox action scope:

4) Move to the bottom of the pile (again and again)
5) Postponed due to low checking account balance
6) Stick in the glove compartment in the car
7) Keep meaning to ask your spouse, but forget
8) Dog ate it
9) Too late
10) Possibly illegal
11) Unable to understand own handwriting
12) Drop everything for a refreshing hot beverage
13) Postpone until Bush is out of White House
14) Wedding invitation for which you need to RSVP but you just aren't sure how much you like these people and whether they are worth an $80 gift so you keep putting it off until the reply envelope ends up getting used drink coaster and/or piece of scratch paper
15) Why bother
16) Isn't there something good on TV right about now
17) Blog it (of course!)

4:56 AM  

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