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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stage 2

So, here's a full update on how stage 2 of Rider on The Storms went

Up at about 0515 again, same breakfast as for Stage 1, ready to hit the road at about 0715. However, while buckling my cycling shoes, I heard a snap/pop (no crackle) from my left shoe, and discovered that the left buckle had broken (which is apparently not uncommon with this brand/model of shoe). At 0730 on a Sunday, there was obviously nowhere that would be open with a replacement buckle, so I taped the top strap down with trusty duct tape and hit the road (see below). Not an auspicious start.

There was about a 15mph wind out of the south, so I decided to do an east-west loop. I've got about a 30 mile loop between my house and White Heath that I do periodically when I'm doing 50k training rides, so I figured I'd do that loop a couple times, see if I could get at least another 80 miles in for Stage 2. It was hard going, to say the least, and by the time I was about 2/3 of the way back from White Heath, I was having some bike stability issues. However, I figured that was due to crosswinds and fatigue from Stage 1. I had been planning on meeting Kathleen for brunch after my first White Heath loop, but decided that it would be ill-advised to continue cycling outdoors. I'd made alternate plans in case of inclement weather to do the ride(s) at the gym, so I decided I'd do that. Most of the way home, I came up with an plan of how to rig my cyclometer up so it would be rear wheel-sensing, so I could do additional miles on my bike using my indoor trainer. Got home, confirmed that my plan would work, and got the bike attached to the trainer, at which point I discovered that my rear wheel was severely out of true to the point where it was stopping suddenly once per revolution when it hit one of the rear brake pads. It had gone out of true in the past, and the rim was already on its last legs. So, I left my bike wheels up and headed to the gym.

Between an ill fitting stationary bike and how fatigued my legs were from the out of true wheel, I only got about 25 mile in at the gym before I had to stop.

Went home at that point, totalled my miles (137.32 miles, for a total of $779.94 raised), showered, and took a quick nap. Afterwards, I decided I'd take a look at the rear wheel, since I'm trying to get less reliant on the local bike shops for maintenance - I figured that even though the rim was bent, I could get an idea of what's involved in re-trueing a wheel, etc. That's when I discovered the spoke, broken at the hub. My guess is that I may have actually broken it during Stage 1, shortly after lunch.

Had a wonderful dinner that night (Pasta w/ roasted vegetables and locally-produced goat cheese) and slept very soundly. Kathleen reports that while I didn't move around much while sleeping, I did spend most of the evening with my legs bent as if pedalling.


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