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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Warning: no biking in this post

Dinner last night was a triumph, if I do say so myself. Rendered the fat out of some pancetta, drained off most of the fat, sauteeed 1 chopped onion with the pancetta, deglazed the pan with brandy and added tarragon, marjoram, black pepper, and about 5 dried lavender blossoms. Let that cook down briefly, and then added white beans and cooked that until it was the consistency of a thin stew. Served over a slice of garlic-herb bread, accompanied with a Basque white wine (Txakolina Uriondo, I think it was a 2003).


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Kathleen is lucky to have you!

1:52 AM  
Full Metal Lunchbox said...

(I doubt she minds the leg waxing either.)

10:46 AM  

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