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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

That would be me, after completing the first indoor time trial in the winter series that a local bike shop is running. I did the 10k flat course, finished in 19:06, average watts 233. Left before the event was finished, as there were riders competing for close to 2 hours after I was done (the time trial is done in 30 minute blocks, two riders at a time). When I left, I was dead last in terms of time, about in the middle of the pack in terms of watts generated. They're running the series for the next few months, and I'm planning on doing all of the), it'll give me good motivation to do speed work on the bike before the biking season starts in earnest.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I'm still out of breath from trying to keep up with you at last year's Bike The Drive.  Managed to match your 17mph pace for a whopping total of 1 mile.

I'm looking forward to further humiliation next year.

9:12 AM  
Shea said...

As long as I get to drop at least one rider on an over-priced Italian racing bike, I'll be happy on BtD at any speed. It'll be final tune-up ride before a double century with 11,000' of climbing, so this one I'll be wanting to take a little slow.

Of course, if you ask real nice, I'm sure I can find some speed in me somewhere...


11:09 AM  
Full Metal Lunchbox said...


Where are you going, Tibet?

3:27 AM  
Shea said...

Oddly enough, Iowa, rather than Tibet

10:52 AM  

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