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Sunday, January 22, 2006

2nd TT

Had the second Indoor Time Trial today. Managed to shave a minute and six seconds off my time from the first time trial! (Finish time was 17:55, average speed of 20.7mph, average watts 251)

My legs feel a lot fresher this time after the event, but overall I'm a lot more drained than last time.

Used the following version of my speed playlist for the event:
BTBreak On Through (To the Other Side) [Remix]Break On Through (To the Other Side) [Remix] - Single
ThomasDeep S--t 909Ultimate Gabber Trance: The Beats From Hell
SlipknotThe Heretic AnthemIowa

In other news, which I should have blogged a while ago, my back fixed itself very quickly. I managed to make it through all of the New Year's day, I was lying in bed when I felt something shift in my lower back, felt a bit of sharp pain, and after that, my back was almost perfect - a little stiff, but pretty much pain free!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I downloaded some 53x11 and I find it strangely engaging, even though I don't normally get into breaks.

I'll give it a try on the treadmill this week.

9:59 AM  
Everyone on the Internet said...

You haven't posted in nearly two weeks, and we were wondering what's up.

Is it something we said?

4:00 AM  

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