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Sunday, January 08, 2006

First event of 2006 - UPDATED

Ran the KRR Siberian Express Trail Race yesterday. Still waiting for the official results, but I finished in somewhere around 01:13:30. My goal was to finish in less than 01:16:00, which is what I thought my pace from the Allerton Trail Race would place me at. Actually, I'd remembered my time at Allerton as being slower than it was, and I still beat my Allerton time. It was a much more difficult course than Allerton - quite hilly, and very muddy. I had one amusing/impressive spill during the race - tripped over a root, went flying forward, landed on my knees and hands. Somehow managed to continue running with no pause - it was as if I'd decided that one step out of the entire run would be done on my hands and knees. I wish I had video footage of it.

Me on the way home from the event:

UPDATE: My official finishing time was 1:13:35.4, which placed me 288th overall (out of 445 runners), 247th among men (341 men competed)


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

This is the best portrait I have ever seen of you.

You look so healthy and confident.

Congratulations on your latest triumph!

1:12 AM  

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