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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Update/new addition/lessons learned

Behold the new bike!

2005 Serotta Fierte frame, Mavic Cosmos wheelset, Campy Centaur groupset, Salsa Motoace bar, Kestrel fork. Blah blah bike component, blah blah. While talking to the guy that did the fitting and helped me picking out components (Adam @ Get A Grip Cycles in Chicago - I highly reccomend them), we realized that my new bike has at least one piece of every major material used in bike construction. That fact amuses me far too much.

Picked up the bike on the 17th, had 2 time trials on the 19th (the same 10k flat course as before, plus I also tried a 5k uphill course). Did the worst I have yet on the 10k; was too tired, not used to the new bike, and I'd been partying like a conservative rock star far too much the previous two days. Not that those factors excuse poor performance, but they taught me a valuable lesson.

Still sticking with the strategic vegetarianism. The promised and long awaited definition is this - it's abstaining from/reducing meat consumption in order to improve athletic performance. I realized that I seemed to be doing better running and biking when my meat consumption was less, so I'm giving it a try in a more focused/organized fashion. My goal for race weeks is to eat entirely vegetarian, with off weeks being less strict.


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