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Sunday, March 19, 2006

ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.

Ran the Mountain Goat 15k Hill Run yesterday. Unofficial finish time was 1:25:00, which put me at an 8:51.6 pace (will update with official finish time as soon as it's released). The race was fantastic - am barely able to move today, but had a great time at the race. Finished the race covered in salt - should have increased my electrolyte consumption during the race (used Hammer HEED for hydration, probably should have added some Endurolytes as well).

At this point, I don't have any races until the half-marathon in May, so I'm taking the next month and a half or so to do base training.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

8:51 is a terrific pace, especially for 15K.

I'm still putzing along at a pace of 10:00-11:00 as my distance increases.  At this rate I'll finish my first half marathon in the time it takes you to get home, go to bed, wake up again, and go to work.

4:56 AM  
Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I clicked on your Technorati link for "Mountain Goat" and found this interesting website:

I previously did not know that the mountain goat is not actually a goat but an antellope.

9:39 AM  

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