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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bike The Drive

Details to follow

Update I did two full loops of the Bike The Drive course in 3:21:21, with an average speed of 17.2mph, average heart rate of 138, which is much more what I'd like to see. As last year, had a fantastic time. This year, they split traffic into two lanes at the turnarounds, so if you weren't stopping at the rest stop, you could (ideally) keep going. Much better than last year, although still problematic, through no fault of the organizers. For the record, if you're biking something like Bike The Drive, and need slow down to the point where you've gotten off and are walking your bike through the turnaround, you should either stop at the rest stop, or at the very least, STAY TO THE RIGHT so that those of us that are trying to keep moving can do so. Which leads me to another point. I know that Bike the Drive is not a race. I'm not saying it should be a race (although the idea of a Time Trial on Lakeshore Drive does have its appeal), but if you've not moving quickly, stay out of the left lane. Quick way to tell - if there are tons of people passing you on the right, you're too far to the left. (end rant now)

After finishing, I lay out on the grass in Grant Park for a while until Josh and Dana and Jay met up with me, had some fantastic vegan ice cream from Chicago Soydairy, then back to Josh's for Justyna's fabulous pancakes, napping, festival of grilled meats, and beer/whiskey.

Between Saturday's aborted century and Bike The Drive, I burned >6,000 calories. No wonder I'm skinny...

I'm looking forward to next year's Bike The Drive already.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You forgot to mention all those over-equipped yuppie posers you passed at high speed.

6:43 AM  

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