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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Final race results from Mini-Marathon

We arrived in Indianapolis mid-afternoon on Friday, checked in to the hotel (which was conveniently just down the street from my starting corral), and picked up our race packets. The Mini-Marathon is by far the largest race that I've done (35,000 people registered), and even the packet pickup was a bit overwhelming (albeit *very* well-organized). I'd run the 500 Festival 10k back in March and had received the wrong timing chip, but had no such problems at the Mini-Marathon.

I went for a short and easy run before dinner, just to make sure my legs were in decent shape (I'd been experiencing some minor tendonitis leading up to the Mini-Marathon, but that seemed to have almost entirely faded by Friday night)

We had what we had hoped would be an early-ish dinner, which quickly evolved into a late dinner, as the restaurant became rather overfull shortly after we arrived, due to a combination of runners and it being prom night. The late dinner proved pivotal later in the weekend.

We left the hotel on Saturday just before 7 and split up to get to our respective corrals, and were in our starting corrals pretty much promptly at 7am. It was in the high 30s to low 40s at 7, although the temperature crept up to the high 40s by the time the start rolled around at 7:30. The gun start for runners was officially 7:33, and I crossed the starting line about 2 minutes later. Not having run in this large of a group before, I was expecting a bit of jostling, etc at the start, but traffic never really seemed to bunch up. The first couple of miles were somewhat of a blur, but the following stand out:
  1. The elephant at the Indianapolis Zoo watching us run by with what I'm fairly sure was an expression of bemusement.
  2. A woman playing acoustic guitar who was startlingly similar (both in appearance and sound) to Yoko Ono

I felt great for the first 5 miles or so, and was right on pace (when I registered for the Mini-Marathon, I'd declared my intended pace as 8:47 miles, but my speed's increased a bit since then), fairly comfortably running about 8:38 miles. A little before the entrance to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the abdominal cramps started. And continued. I ended up spending an unfortunate amount of quality time (I think about 5 minutes) in a Port-o-let at about mile 9. I rejoined the race at that point feeling much better, and decided to see if I could make up some of the lost time. Much like the first couple of miles, the last couple were also a blur, with standouts including:
  1. The beer aid station at the Hi Neighbor Tavern
  2. Whatever band was playing a cover of "Mr. Brownstone" at about mile 11, providing me a kick of energy to pick up the pace a little more
  3. Steel band music provided by the Indiana West Indian Club at about mile 12, which helped to carry me the rest of the way to the finish.

I ended up finishing in 1:54:28 (chip time) (6,159 out of 27,642 finishers, which places me in the 78th percentile), which I'm pretty pleased with, given my intestinal issues. My best guess re: the intestinal issues is that it was a combination of nerves and a bit too much food a bit too late at night the night before.

I walked around to cool down after the race, got a quick massage, and then relaxed for the rest of the weekend.

Kathleen and I had a late lunch after the race at Restaurant Du Soleil, which was amazing - I had

Braised artichokes with brandade and preserved lemon and

Pan-roasted skate wing with brandade and garlic oil potatoes, caramelized root vegetables, and roast turkey jus

We stopped back at the hotel for a nap, and then I walked around for a bit before dinner to try and loosen up my legs a bit.

We met up with friends for dinner Saturday night at Palomino (the same place we'd eaten Friday night)
I started with a much-deserved martini

followed by

Roasted garlic with cambozola, tomato chutney, marinated olives, and cracked pizza crust

Seared ahi tuna with horseradish cream (we split these two appetizers among the people at the table)

For my entree, I had the roasted smoked salmon with roasted tomatoes and a rosemary beurre blanc

For dessert, I had a glass of Hine Triomphe, which I'd been looking forward to for several months, since finding out that Palomino had it on their brandy list.

We met up at Three Sister's for breakfast the next morning

I had the cabbage/potato soup

and the potatoes with tofu, salsa, and cheese
My legs are much less tired than I expected - I'll be at the fun run tonight, and I managed to get a couple of good bike workouts in Monday and today.

Overall, I was thrilled with the Mini-Marathon (very well organized and fantastic support), and will be signing up for next year's running of it (I'm planning on qualifying for the level 2 seeded start for next year).

Now I get a couple weeks of running/biking/relaxing before solo Relay for Life...


Yana/Jenn said...

Finally some food blogging! At least, food blogging beyond your race-prep stuff, which is more like fuel-logging.

7:00 PM  
Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Your best blog entry in recent memory.  Loved the photos and good storytelling.

I can just imagine Yoko Ono cheering you on!

7:56 PM  
LeahC said...

I ran indy too and this is too funny......

.A woman playing acoustic guitar who was startlingly similar (both in appearance and sound) to Yoko Ono

I totally noticed this woman too and actually said to the couple beside me, "oh my god it's yoko!" Everyone laughed and they said they thought she aged well.

Good Job on the race!!!

8:00 AM  
Jason said...

Man, you eat well!

The Indy Mini might be my favorite race (we'll see if Chicago takes first after a second running).

It is just so well organized and so fast. I love the way they do corrals.

9:41 AM  

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