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Monday, June 26, 2006

Intonation wrap-up

Went up to Chicago for Intonation Music Fest this past weekend. Took the bus up on Friday, went for a great run with Josh (4 miles @ 8:32, followed by 1/2mile sprint @ 6:32). Had a good talk with Josh while running re: my training plan...I think I've got a good handle on where things are going.

We headed to Intonation in the early afternoon on Saturday, and here's a quick rundown on the acts we saw:
Chromeo - one of the acts I was most looking forward to. They were good, although not as good as I was hoping for, partially due to sound problems
High On Fire - not someone I was familiar with. Fairly good stoner rock, wore their Motorhead influences on their sleeves
The Stills - ok, not a fantastic set, but could've been worse. Almost got run over by Lady Sovereign on a golf cart right around their set...
Roky Erickson - fantastic set - I've been a fan of his for years, and had never imagined that I'd get to see him live.
Boredoms - another terrific set. Made me wish I did hallucinogens, but was very enjoyable without mind-expanding substances.
Ghostface - by far the lowest point of the weekend. Uninspired set, went on way too long.
Lady Sovereign - great set - worked our way up pretty close to the front of the stage
The Streets - I'd been looking forward to this set since seeing the line-up for Intonation. I'm a huge fan of The Streets, and it was a great performance. I'd not yet listened to all of the latest album before Intonation, and had not listened to Never Went To Church before hearing/seeing it live. Recorded, it qualifies as one of the saddest songs I own. I mean that in a good way. Performed live, it was about all I could do to keep from crying during the performance.

We got a late start on Sunday, arriving near the start of Blue Cheer's set
Blue Cheer - much like the Roky Erickson set, was fantastic, and not a group that I'd expected I'd ever get to see live.
Jon Brion - ok set, didn't really do a lot for me one way or another.
Robert Pollard - good set, some GBV stuff, plus some solo pieces.
Dead Prez - Good set, ended his set with Fred Hampton Jr. on stage with him (you'll understand why I mentioned this later)
Bloc Party - Another amazing set. I realized partway through their set that for better or worse, almost every single one of their songs is an A-side. Which makes for a slightly strange concert, as I kept finding my self saying to myself "Oh, they're playing ______, this must be their last song." Not because I was wanting their set to end, but because they kept playing big songs that would be great to end a set with.

At some point on Sunday, they announced that the Intonation afterparty would be at Funky Buddha Lounge. We decided to go after the Bloc Party set....not specifically to celeb-watch but just to hang out for a while. Afterparty was good, and in a slightly surreal turn, the one celeb from Intonation that showed up was Fred Hampton Jr.

All in all, a great weekend.


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