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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

one long slow run, one long faster ride, and NIPPLES!

(now that I've got your attention...)

The 26th of August was my 18 mile marathon training run (yup, two weeks after my 50k @ Howl At The Moon)...started off fairly good, was maintaining a pretty good pace (for long runs, I'm currently trying to stay between 9:30 and 10:15/mile). Was running in a spanking new bright white technical shirt. About 6 miles in, I looked down and discovered that there was decent sized bright red stripe from my right nipple down to the bottom of the shirt. One would be accurate in calling it, in fact, a blood-red patch.

The good news:
  1. It was completely painless - if I hadn't looked down, I wouldn't have even noticed that I was abraded/bleeding. OK, so it was significantly less painless when I showered after my run...
  2. It healed quickly
  3. I know that blood washes out of the shirt I was wearing very well
  4. Now I have a reason to bring duct tape to the Chicago Marathon!
At about 12-13 miles, I ended up drinking a bit too much water, which killed my performance - the last 5-6 miles felt like a crawl -any time I'd start running at all, I'd start feeling water sloshing around in my stomach, and nausea would kick in. I ended up finishing with an 11:40/mile pace including breaks (11:01/mile without).

This past weekend, I went to Port Byron, Illinois (near the Quad Cities) to compete in the Buffalo Bill Showdown 6-Hour Cycling Race. I went in with two goals, one semi-realistic, and one not (as usual). The unrealistic goal was to get 120 miles in, and the more realistic goal was to get at least 100 miles in, without drafting (the 6 and 12-hour races allowed drafting, the 24-hour race did not). The course consisted of a 72 mile loop, a 19 mile loop, and then when there was 1 hour left in the race, you changed to an 8 mile loop. I made it through the 72 mile loop pretty quickly (16.9mph, including breaks), but by the time I finished, my legs were pretty fried from the climbing - unlike Central Illinois,
Western Illinois is not flat as a pancake. I managed to slog through the 19 mile loop, and stopped at 5:40 into the race, since I didn't think I'd be able to get any significant milage in the last 20 minutes. I ended up getting 91.46 miles - 16.14mph average speed including breaks/17mph not including breaks. To put that in perspective, my fastest century prior to that was 93 miles in 6:03, which works out to 15.4mph (not including breaks)

I'm planning my strategy for next year already....


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Are you sure you didn't experience stigmata?

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