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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pre-birthday weekend, marathon preparation, and a pecker makes a new hole

Spent this past weekend in Chicago for a little early birthday celebration. Drove up on Saturday, went for about a 10 mile run (I missed last week's 20 miler due to a nasty sinus/respiratory infection), had a fantastic dinner @ Green Zebra, and got a new tattoo!

Another fantastic piece from Patrick at Cherry Bomb....

We got home around 8:30am on Monday and were immediately greeted by the taptaptap of a woodpecker that had decided to adopt part of our house as its own. grr. Monday evening was spent way up on a ladder, stapling chicken wire over the hole until we can get it replaced.

Tonight was the usual Tuesday night 4 mile fun run, but I decided to make it a little interesting and
  1. Run to the fun run
  2. Treat the whole thing as a tempo run

My goal was to maintain about an 8:30-8:50 pace for the 7.5-8 mile run. I ended up with about an 8:02 average pace, and my legs feel fantastic - I think the 5-7 days off from the sinus infection was just what I needed...


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

New bodywork looks terrific.  I was honored to watch Patrick at work.  Now you are quite becoming.

Good job on the run.  Shea is back in the game!

8:44 AM  
Lora said...

Love the tatoo...wish it was on the back of the leg...makes it easier to run behind and keep up!

Good luck at the half marathon!! Come say hi if you have a moment!

5:57 AM  

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