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Thursday, September 28, 2006

So, this is what 34 feels like...

Thursday: Took the morning off from work, biked my age in miles in a semi-leisurely fashion (the first half of the ride into headwind that was gusting up to about 18mph), celebrated my birthday @ Bacaro

Friday: Work, dinner @ an unnamed Champaign restaurant that had horrible service

Saturday: Iowa/Illini football game, pasta/carb-loading dinner

Sunday: Wild, Wild Wilderness race - did this as a training run, so I went out early with another runner and we did two loops of the trail before the race, and did all three loops at a decidedly slower than race pace. Totaled 22.6 miles, average pace of 11:09, >1900' of vertical gain over the course of the run (for reference, the Chicago Marathon has 268' of vertical gain). Finishing that event meant that I got the Kennekuk Road Runners' Grand Slam award (pictured below)

Monday: Work, ran to/from Body & Sole Sports (easy recovery run - 4 miles @ 9:20 pace) to pick up MY MARATHON SHOES! I'll be running the Chicago Marathon in Brooks Axiom 2 shoes in a gargantuan 12-1/2D.

Tuesday: Work, ~10k tempo/fun run after work (8:40 pace, holding back a little as I was still pretty tired from the long run on Sunday), first fun run to finish after dark

Wednesday: Work, speedwork on the track after work (1 mile warmup, 5x100m strides, 4x200m, 3x800m, 2x400m)

Thursday: Work, fitness evaluation - flexibility is much improved, leg strength imbalance is much improved, and bodyfat % has gone from ~17% to ~13%. I'm eating steak and donuts for dinner :)


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations on the Grand Slam.  I know how hard you worked this year to earn this distinction.

9:55 AM  

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