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Thursday, November 02, 2006

When foodies go bad...

When foodies go bad...
Originally uploaded by infoninja.
click on the picture for annotations which describe the depths of our depravity...


Baby Toby said...


10:51 AM  
karnerblue said...

What's wrong with the gardenburger???

9:10 AM  
Arthur said...

Hmmm... what did you do with the real Shea? Phytoestrogen patty, agribusiness junk taters, bottled sauce? Please please please tell me you didn't feed that crap to him!

11:15 PM  
Shea said...

I did, in a moment of overprocessed meat isotope consuming weakness. To make up for it, tonight's dinner was brown rice, stewed fava beans, stir-fried bok choy, and a couple pints at the local beer geek pub afterwards

11:26 PM  
Shea's Heart said...

That's more like it.

7:26 AM  

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