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Monday, January 15, 2007

Update re: new year's progress

Well, the original plan had been for this posting to accompany a new design for the blog, but the design isn't ready yet, so here goes....

I don't know if it's getting on top of my nutrition, or what, but this has been a great year thus far in terms of training - see below for workouts/paces, etc:
1/2 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/2 PM (lunch): 1.75mile run to track, 7x600 @ 6:20.85 pace, 1.75mile run from track

1/3 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/3 PM: Gym - 10:00 treadmill warmup, 35:00 freeweight circuit training, 10:00 treadmill cooldown

1/4 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/4 PM: 45:00 indoor cycling - Spinervals No Slackers Allowed

1/5 AM: 7mile slow training run @ 9:44 pace

1/6 AM: 3:00:00 indoor cycling - Spinervals Tough Love

1/7 AM: 6mile run @ 8:21 pace

1/8 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/8 PM: Gym - 10:00 treadmill warmup, 25:00 Crossfit, 10:00 treadmill (hill intervals) cooldown

1/9 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/9 PM: 6mile run @ 7:55 pace

1/10 AM: Core/flexibility work1

1/11 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/11 PM: Gym - Treadmill interval workout (10:00 warmup, 12x00:30 @ 6:18 pace w/ 1:00 @ 11:00 pace rest intervals, 7:00 cooldown), 10:00 free weight circuit training

1/12 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/12 PM (lunch): 4.4mile run @ 8:24 pace

1/13 AM: 8mile run @ 8:36 pace

1/14 PM: 01:30:00 indoor cycling - Spinervals Mental Toughness

1/15 AM: Core/flexibility work1
1/15 AM: 3.5mile recovery run @ 8:26 pace

Most of the runs have, even when I've been pushing myself, felt better than I remember in a long time. I did briefly worry that it was due entirely to the CW-X tights that I got for Christmas, since I was using those for the first speedwork run @ the track, which felt unnaturally good for speedwork, but I've done runs both with and without the tights, but I've had really good runs both with and without the tights (the 7:55 6-miler was w/out the tights), so that's definitely not it. That said, I'm a huge fan of the tights, and will definitely be continuing to use them...

If I can keep things up, 2007 is looking to be a great year!

1Core/flexibility work consists of:
50 Stability Ball Crunches
15 Stability Ball Push-ups
50 Stability Ball Crunches
15 Stability Ball Push-ups
50 Stability Ball Oblique Crunches
20 Stability Ball Push-ups
50 Stability Ball Reverse Crunches
5:00 stretching

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