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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blog posting not for the squeamish

Warning: This posting contains very little about running, and a good deal of alcohol and meat consumption. Such is vacation.

We drove up to Milwaukee on Wednesday for a short working vacation (I had a meeting for work on Friday). We got in fairly late to Milwaukee, and had dinner and cocktails at our hotel. Thursday morning, I got up early for a tempo run on the hotel treadmill, and then we set off for a walking/eating/shopping tour of Milwaukee. We stopped in at Usinger's, and I considered buying some blood sausage, given my serious love of blood sausage, but decided to mail order some later. Next stop was African Hut, for a much needed influx of warming spicy food. I had the extra spicy Yinka Wings, a bowl of spicy Pepper Soup, and a cup of Rooibos tea. Kathleen had Fried Plantains and the Mandingo Warrior Platter (with Jollof rice, Peanut Stew-Banfi, and Ghana Beef Froyi).
African Hut

We spent a good deal of time at The Spice House, leaving with, among other things, black lava salt, grains of paradise, and a huge quantity of sage. We meandered through Milwaukee, spending a good bit of time shopping on Brady Street, snacking on yummy Italian cookies from Peter Sciortino's (I'm actually eating the last of the sesame cookies as I write this). We decided to head to Cafe Hollander for dinner, since I was craving frites, and also had a bit of a craving for Carbonnades Flamandes. It was getting a bit chilly, and we were not sure if we had our bearings exactly correct, so we ended up starting at what had to be one of the nicest (and largest) bike shops I've ever been into (Crank Daddy's) - they gave us step by step directions the rest of the way, and didn't mind my drooling on their bikes, and shortly thereafter, we were warming up again at Cafe Hollander.

We ended up getting the world's largest basket of frites
Frites at Cafe Hollander
and an order of mussels steamed in ale
Mussels steamed in ale at Cafe Hollander
Kathleen's not a fan of mussels, so I had to eat them all myself. Such is my lot...Didn't end up ordering Carbonnades Flamandes, but enjoyed the meal quite a lot just the same.

We decided that walking back to the hotel would probably be a bit too cold, so took a cab the rest of the way back, and headed to Mason Street Grill for cocktails and dessert
Dessert and cocktails at Mason Street Grill

My meeting went well on Friday, and we hit Whole Foods for a little while (for the record, the Milwaukee Whole Foods is one of the largest that I've ever seen), got some food for the road, some New Glarus, and few other yummy items.

We headed over to Tandoor House to stuff ourselves with puri, goat curry, and malai kofta before the drive back, and then hit the road. We ended up getting back to our house at about 11:00 Friday night, and I had a few hours of sleep before my next adventure (which I'll blog about shortly - I'll give you a hint, it involves running...)

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

That totally sounds like my dream vacation!

6:30 AM  

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