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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do these running tights make my ass look fat?

Went for a a run this afternoon in positively balmy weather (-2F wind chill - at the end of the run, there was a little bit of Perpetuem left in my water bottle, and that was a pretty thick slush). Ended up doing 12.1 miles @ 9:23 pace, including short walk breaks every 2 miles (working on fueling mechanics for ultras). I've finally got a handle on the glasses fogging up problem - wiping down my glasses with an anti-fogging cloth, plus wearing a pair of ski goggles seem to have mostly taken care of the problem. I had a couple of very small fogging/icing problems over the course of the run, but nothing too major.

The park sidewalks were clear of snow for the most part, which allowed me to focus a bit more on determining my fueling/anti-fogging strategies for the North Pole Marathon.

I did the run in 6 loops around the perimeter of one of the local parks, plus a short loop through the park to finish the run. About half-way through the run, 3 young deer ran across one of the busier streets bordering the park, almost right in front of me - pretty cool experience...

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