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Friday, February 09, 2007

The North Pole Marathon contest winner should be announced in less than 7 days, and I'm on pins and needles at this point. The cold has continued here pretty much unabated, which has given me the opportunity for more cold weather training, although not as much as I'd like - we got a good deal of snow on Tuesday, so my tempo run on Tuesday and my hill intervals on Thursday were done at the gym. I had plans for a fairly easy 9:00 pace 4 miler this morning, but that was derailed by the fact that apparently people in this town are in capable of clearing the sidewalk in front of their house after it snows. Weather was 6F with 8MPH wind - positively balmy!

A good deal of the run was in ankle-deep snow, varying between relatively fluffy powder and unevenly packed snow/melt/dirt with frequent holes from previous walkers, so my average pace ended up being 10:39, and that was pushing - my average HR for the run was 169, and that's with several walking breaks included. I'm figuring it was good training for the North Pole...

My legs are feeling pretty beat up currently, and I'm planning on a 12-13 miler tomorrow. I had been planning on using one of my typical road routes for that, but given the snow, I'm probably going to head for one of the parks in town and just do it in 3-4 mile loops.

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