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Monday, February 05, 2007

One more item re: Winterfest 5k, plus more fun in the cold

One item I forgot re: yesterday's 5k - in response to the question "How cold was it?", my best answer/example is the fact that breathing through my mouth during warmup and the race was a problem, due to the fact that my tongue kept going numb...
Today I decided to do a nice and easy 3 mile recovery run at about 9:00 pace. Ended up running slightly more than 3 miles, with fairly even splits. In a repeat of yesterday's weather, it was -7.5F when I left the house, with about 7MPH wind, for a lovely wind chill of -22F/-30C. I bundled up a bit more than yesterday, which kept me warmer, but certainly forced me to run slower. Running gear this morning was as follows:
  • On the bottom half of my body:
    • 2 pairs of wool blend running/hiking socks
    • Brooks Axiom trainers
    • Silk base layer
    • Under Armour tights
    • Running tights
    • Patagonia wind tights
  • On the top half of my body:
    • Silk base layer
    • Under Armour wicking top
    • 500 Festival technical shirt
    • Heavy weight wicking shirt
    • Cycling windbreaker
    • Thinsulate gloves
    • Thinsulate mittens
    • Neoprene/fleece face mask
    • Fleece ear band
    • Wicking skullcap
    • Running hat
I had a great time on the run - the only problems I had was the aforementioned lack of speed due to all the layers, and the fact that by the time I got home, my face mask was frozen stiff, my glasses were completely iced over, and there was so much ice on my eyelids and eyelashes that when I got inside and started to warm up, I initially thought I was crying from all the icemelt running down my face. All in all, I had a blast!

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations on having the only runner blog that doesn't talk about football.

8:56 PM  
Full Metal Lunchbox said...

By the way, only you can make running at a 9:00/mile pace in this weather look easy.

Oh, and thanks for the wine recommendation by the way.

11:52 PM  

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