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Friday, March 30, 2007

Shamrock Shuffle report

Went up to Chicago for fine dining (Cousin's IV, Cafe Bolero, Green Zebra, Karyn's Cooked, Twisted Spoke), fine music (Bloc Party), fine running (Shamrock Shuffle), and fine bike tune upping (more on that later)

We drove up on Friday, dropped my bike off at Get A Grip Cycles for tune-up/overhaul. I've got a couple of big cycling events planned for this season, so I wanted to get an overhaul at the start of the season. We'd budgeted $200 to cover the cost of the overhaul, which is what was listed on the Get A Grip website. We stopped in for a quick bite at Cousin's IV, got settled in where we were staying, and then I met up with Josh and Denise to hit the Shamrock Shuffle expo for packet pickup. Hit Cafe Bolero for some great Cuban food, then off to the Congress Theatre for Bloc Party, who ended up playing the following setlist:
Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
Positive Tension
Hunting For Witches
Waiting For The 7:18
This Modern Love
Little Thoughts
The Prayer
So Here We Are
Like Eating Glass
She's Hearing Voices

Chilled out on Saturday, dinner at Green Zebra, then off to rest up for Shamrock.

Headed downtown for the race, checked my gear, and made my way to the B Corral. Given that I'm running the Clinton Lake 30 Mile Trail Race this Sunday, I didn't want to push things too hard at the race, so I decided to treat the race as a speedy tempo run. As usual, I was off like a flash at the start of the race, although I got my pace down to a manageable speed pretty quickly. I ended up finishing in 36:48 (7:24 pace, which is about 20 seconds per mile slower than my 5k PR pace), placing 1,397th out of 23,865 finishers, which places me in the top 5.9% of finishers! Significantly more impressive is the fact that Kathleen finished the course walking in 1:09:46, even while not feeling well.

Got my gear, drank a Muscle Milk for recovery, met up with Kathleen, and decided to run up to Karyn's Cooked where we were meeting people for brunch. Had a fantastic brunch, then headed to Get A Grip to pick up my bike. They did a fantastic job on the bike, and I grabbed a few Hammer Gels that I needed for Clinton Lake. The added bonus was discovering that the grand total for the overhaul and Hammer Gel was $9.81 - I'd forgotten that since I bought the bike from Get A Grip, they include free tune-up once a year! I've ridden my bike since the overhaul, and they did a great job - I cannot say enough good things about them as a bike shop!

We did a quick shopping trip at Binny's (2 bottles of Quelque Chose, a bottle of Cantillon Lambic, and a 1/3# of Rolf Beeler Hoch Ybrig), then headed up to Josh's for the post-Shamrock party. Hung out there for a while, then ended up going to Twisted Spoke for dinner/drinks.

Drove back here first thing Monday morning, then started prepping for Clinton Lake (more on that in a later post)

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