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Monday, April 16, 2007

Clinton Lake Race Report - Updated

So at long last, here's my report on the Clinton Lake 30 Mile Trail Race (more on why it's taken me so long to get this written shortly)
A view of Clinton Lake

I did fairly by the book, old school carb-loading for the race (2 days of carb-depletion with very high-intensity runs, followed by 4 days of carb-loading).
Traditional Irish Carb-Loading
Let me tell you, those two days of carb-depletion were no fun, although some of the carb-loading meals I made helped to make up for it (see above for details).

Several days before the race, we got a good bit of rain, helping to guarantee a good muddy trail for the race.
The rain that started falling several days before the race

Josh came down on the Friday before the race to help me out for the weekend and crew for me at the race. Had a couple of beers and tapas, did a slow leisurely walk home, and then ordered one of my traditional naked pizzas (no meat, no cheese, lots of veggies). Relaxed on Saturday, picked up my race packet, and feasted on gnocchi and red sauce Saturday night.

Sunday morning, got up bright and early at about 0500, had a light breakfast, and got the last of my gear together.

Shea Packs the Cooler for a Long Day (2007)
Originally uploaded by electrojosh.

Driving over to the start was relatively uneventful, except for the incredibly strange mermaid/dolphin statue being transported down I-74 at 0700 on a Sunday morning...

Weird Mermaid-Dolphin Statue (2007)
Originally uploaded by electrojosh.

Got to the starting line with plenty of time to spare, got everything set up, and had a little time to relax before the start of the race.

Shea At The Starting Line
Originally uploaded by electrojosh.

0805 rolled around (the race started a few minutes late), and we were off for 30 miles of fun in the woods!

Shea Begins His 1st of 3 Ten Mile Loops (2007)
Originally uploaded by electrojosh.

The first loop went very well, finishing in roughly 01:55, feeling good, and slightly ahead of pace (my goal was to run each loop in roughly 2:00, going for roughly a 6:00 finish)

Shea Completes His First 10 Mile Loop (2007)
Originally uploaded by electrojosh.

I swapped bottles of Perpetuem and took off on my second loop, trying to pretty much keep the same pace as the first loop, maybe slowing it down a little bit since I had a few minutes in the bank. The mud was pretty stirred up by the time we got to the second loop, which made for ankle-deep (and in some places, deeper) mud, which is right up my alley.
Someone (not me) after the Clinton Lake race
I made it to the 1/2-way aid station with no problems, grabbed a little water, and took off to finish my second loop.
Water at one of the Clinton Lake aid stations
A few miles past the aid station, I felt a sudden sharp pain in the side of my right knee. I adjusted my gait and slowed down my pace a little, which seemed to help somewhat. The pain seemed the worst if I was running downhill, so I decided to continue walking the uphills, running the flats (few as they were - see below for an elevation profile [my GPS lost signal in a number of places, so it marks the course as slightly short]), and walking the downhills as needed.

I finished the second loops in a good bit of pain, briefly considered DNFing due to my knee, changed my socks (the previous pair being completely soaked with mud), watched the race winner finish (in 4:23), and decided to go for the third loop. I was pretty sure at that point that there was no way I'd manage a 6:00 finish, but I was also confident that I could finish before the cutoff. The last loop was slow (as expected) and painful (as expected). I tried to run as much of the third loop as possible, but that didn't end up being very much, at least for the first half of the loop. I hit the 1/2-way aid station, and took off with roughly 5 miles left to go. I soon realized/discovered that running (albeit slowly) didn't really hurt a lot worse than walking, so I decided to try running as much of the rest of the course as possible. With about 3-1/2 miles left, I saw another runner about 1/2 a mile behind me, slowly but surely catching up to me. Determined to beat him, I picked up the pace a bit more, at which point he picked up the pace as well. I kept up the pace as much as possible, and managed to hold off being passed by him for about a mile or so. At that point, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to keep up the pace without doing something nasty (or is that nastier?) to my knee, and he passed me. Josh met me about 2 miles from the finish line, and ran/walked the rest of the course with me.

I ended up finishing in 7:05, in a good bit of pain. I finished 30th out of 70 starters, 18 of whom DNFed.
Crossing the finish line
Walked slowly over to the car, peeled off my socks, and got a good look at the mud accumulated on my legs
Muddy Muddy Muddy
and the wrinkle-fest that was my feet after 7 hours of mud and water...
My feet, post Clinton Lake Trail Race

The week after Clinton Lake consisted of a good deal of icing and elevating my leg, a few short runs, and by the end of the week, I felt pretty much back to normal - the Saturday after Clinton, I did a 2 hour cycling session on the trainer, immediately followed by a 4 mile run. A little ache in my knee after that run, but nothing too bad, so I figured I was pretty well recovered at that point.

Last week I'd been planning on being pretty much back to higher level of training. Weather was cold, so I went to the gym on Monday for 8x400m intervals plus a little bit of core work. Felt a little run down on Monday when I was leaving work, but figured it was just due to my first interval run in a while. Monday night was mostly me tossing and turning with a fever, which lasted most of Tuesday. Aside from 1 relatively short cycling session on the trainer, I took all of last week off from training. Now, I think I'm pretty much back to normal, and I think I should be in pretty good shape for River To River this coming weekend.

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations again, Shea!  You performed terrific under very grueling conditions.

I'm particularly impressed that you kept going for that third loop.  A lesser man (such as yours truly) would have drank that Arrogant Bastard after the second loop and then passed out in the car.

6:35 PM  

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