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Friday, July 13, 2007

Results of loop ride

Well, it started off well...

Left the starting point in Ivesdale at about 5:45am, with decent weather and pretty much no wind. I had plans to meet with Kathleen in Royal, which is about 83 miles into the ride, for refilling of water bottles, etc. From Ivesdale to the northwest corner of the county went very started to heat up a little bit, but that felt a bit nice as it helped burn off a little bit of the humidity. My speed dropped a little as I headed east, due to a little bit of wind, but I was still feeling good. About halfway across the norther border of the county, I started to feel a little bit of cramping in my legs - a little annoying, but nothing too bad. By the time Id hit the northeast corner of the county (roughly 70 miles into the ride), the cramping in my legs had gotten significantly worse, and I was at that point riding into a headwind. Heading south towards Royal, the cramps got significantly worse (after a few miles into the eastern side of the county, it got to the point where I'd pedal 4-5 strokes, my hamstrings would cramp up, and I'd need to coast until I could get them uncramped. Lather, rinse, repeat). It took me close to an hour to get from the northeast border of the county to Royal, and I was pretty sure my ride was ending in Royal. I met up with Kathleen in Royal with severe leg cramps, and really bad vomiting, but pretty close. Managed to get myself off the bike, and promptly consumed about half a can of salt and vinegar chips and a liter of Pedialyte. I decided to call it a day at that point, loaded the bike in the car, and headed for home.

I weighed myself after getting home...I wasn't significantly dehydrated (I'd dropped a couple of pounds, but that's normal for me in any kind of heat), but from symptoms and talking to other athletes that I need to use a higher-sodium electrolyte product in high heat events like this....while I wasn't dehydrated, I had managed to flush ~150oz of fluid through my system over the course of the ride.

I rested up the rest of the day, got some more fuel and salt into me, and decided to try on Sunday morning to start again from where I left off in Royal. It might end up with a very slow and easily beaten record, but I'd have the record nonetheless. When I woke up Sunday morning, however, my calves were cramped up so badly that I could barely walk, do I took Sunday off as well.

All in all, a pretty discouraging experience. Ironically, I've had a pretty good week since in terms of training, etc.

Even though I did not succeed in my attempt, there are several people that I must thank, without whom I could never have gotten as far as I did...
  • Kathleen - for the support and encouragement, and for putting up with the demands of being married to an endurance athelete
  • Tracy - for great coaching support
  • Dan and Gwen - for the car loan (we started having car problems early in the week, and Dan and Gwen were kind enough to loan us a car, without which we never could have managed the attempt)
So, where do I go from here?
Now, I'm off to Wisconsin to buy beer and run around Lake Monona

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You should have listened to Admiral Akbar.

12:34 PM  

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