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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Slow, but getting faster

Ran the train station loop again today. Monday's run of it took me 50:28, today's took me 48:44. To avoid the inevitable question(s), no, I haven't given up on biking - running's just a better early-morning workout for me given how late it's getting light currently. I'm doing a spinning class twice a week, plus trying to get at least one long ride in each weekend while the weather cooperates. This weekend I'll be competing in the 2005 Allerton Trail Race.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Livin' La Vida Rockstar

On the spur of the moment, we went up to Chicago for Josh's birthday. Fantastic dinner at Bite Cafe, followed by drinks.

Afterwards, wandered Ukrainian Village looking for a bar that was appropriate. Club Vertigo and Tuman's were both too packed and loud, although the walk did allow us to walk past Iowa Pharmacy (pictured below) - I'm still trying to figure out the origins of the name.

We ended up at a Polish bar whose name I don't remember, except that it translates from Polish as "Cold Beer". Had a great time, got to play large quantities of Janis Joplin and Charlie Daniels Band, drank much Krupnik and Tatonka, closed the bar, ended up hanging up at someone's apartment until about 5am, found a Walgreen's for Pedialyte to try and stave off the inevitable hangover, then crashed at Josh and Justyna's place.

One piece at a time

(Apologies to Johnny Cash)

I'm planning on getting a new bike, but want to wait until we get our car paid off in a few months. After the bent rim from Rider on the Storms, I needed to get a new wheelset to tide me over until I get the new bike. I stopped by at one of the local bike shops, and after a good deal of haggling, ended up with a barely-used set of Spinergy XaeroLite wheels for about 1/3rd of the price of a new set. Took them out for one very good 25 mile ride, and the following weekend, was planning on doing about a 75 mile ride. About 20 miles in, I heard a snap/crunch sound, and felt my bike shift under me. My initial thought was that I'd broken another spoke. See below for a picture of what had happened.

See those rails on the bottom? Those should be solid pieces. Isn't metal fatigue great?

So, back to the bike shop, where I ended up with a Selle Italia Flite saddle. Both the saddle and wheelset are fantastic, and will probably be going on the new bike.

Top 1 sign that you've lost a lot of weight

So in the past few years, I've lost about 110 pounds. I've lost it pretty gradually, so at this point, I often forget how big I used to be. A couple weeks ago, Kathleen and I went to one of the local feed stores to get dogfood. This feed store is owned by our former landlord from when we moved back to Champaign about 6 years ago, and he was in the store when we came in. He recognized Kathleen, but we found while talking to him on our way out that he didn't recognize me to the point that he thought Kathleen had left me and started seeing someone else.

Biking season recap

Plans for this coming season:

Monday, October 24, 2005

Today's run

42 degrees when I left the house, 29 degrees with windchill. 40/28 when I got back. Just a little over 5 miles on the train station loop. Tonight, will be posting about new bike information, the conclusion of this year's biking season, the top 1 sign that you've lost a lot of weight, and the travails of living la vida rockstar.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Old pace/new pace

Rattlesnake master 5k 2000 pace (when I was pretty much at my heaviest): 42:06

Yesterday, I decided to run to the Farmer's Market, which on the route I took is 5.85km. I ran it in 36:55, including several stops at intersections. To translate to 5k pace, that's equivalent to a 5k in 30:49, stopping several times along the route.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Warning: no biking in this post

Dinner last night was a triumph, if I do say so myself. Rendered the fat out of some pancetta, drained off most of the fat, sauteeed 1 chopped onion with the pancetta, deglazed the pan with brandy and added tarragon, marjoram, black pepper, and about 5 dried lavender blossoms. Let that cook down briefly, and then added white beans and cooked that until it was the consistency of a thin stew. Served over a slice of garlic-herb bread, accompanied with a Basque white wine (Txakolina Uriondo, I think it was a 2003).

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Top sign that you're a cyclist in their off-season

  1. You get a reminder call about a leg waxing appointment while you're at a spinning class.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stage 2

So, here's a full update on how stage 2 of Rider on The Storms went

Up at about 0515 again, same breakfast as for Stage 1, ready to hit the road at about 0715. However, while buckling my cycling shoes, I heard a snap/pop (no crackle) from my left shoe, and discovered that the left buckle had broken (which is apparently not uncommon with this brand/model of shoe). At 0730 on a Sunday, there was obviously nowhere that would be open with a replacement buckle, so I taped the top strap down with trusty duct tape and hit the road (see below). Not an auspicious start.

There was about a 15mph wind out of the south, so I decided to do an east-west loop. I've got about a 30 mile loop between my house and White Heath that I do periodically when I'm doing 50k training rides, so I figured I'd do that loop a couple times, see if I could get at least another 80 miles in for Stage 2. It was hard going, to say the least, and by the time I was about 2/3 of the way back from White Heath, I was having some bike stability issues. However, I figured that was due to crosswinds and fatigue from Stage 1. I had been planning on meeting Kathleen for brunch after my first White Heath loop, but decided that it would be ill-advised to continue cycling outdoors. I'd made alternate plans in case of inclement weather to do the ride(s) at the gym, so I decided I'd do that. Most of the way home, I came up with an plan of how to rig my cyclometer up so it would be rear wheel-sensing, so I could do additional miles on my bike using my indoor trainer. Got home, confirmed that my plan would work, and got the bike attached to the trainer, at which point I discovered that my rear wheel was severely out of true to the point where it was stopping suddenly once per revolution when it hit one of the rear brake pads. It had gone out of true in the past, and the rim was already on its last legs. So, I left my bike wheels up and headed to the gym.

Between an ill fitting stationary bike and how fatigued my legs were from the out of true wheel, I only got about 25 mile in at the gym before I had to stop.

Went home at that point, totalled my miles (137.32 miles, for a total of $779.94 raised), showered, and took a quick nap. Afterwards, I decided I'd take a look at the rear wheel, since I'm trying to get less reliant on the local bike shops for maintenance - I figured that even though the rim was bent, I could get an idea of what's involved in re-trueing a wheel, etc. That's when I discovered the spoke, broken at the hub. My guess is that I may have actually broken it during Stage 1, shortly after lunch.

Had a wonderful dinner that night (Pasta w/ roasted vegetables and locally-produced goat cheese) and slept very soundly. Kathleen reports that while I didn't move around much while sleeping, I did spend most of the evening with my legs bent as if pedalling.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ack/cheese sandwich post

250+ action items on my list for today. By the end of the day today, they have to be one of the following (in descending preference):
  1. Done
  2. Delegated
  3. Scheduled for definite completion in the next 10 business days

Monday, October 03, 2005

Short update

Will post more later today, but here's the brief update:
The good news:
  1. I raised almost $800
  2. I didn't end up in the hospital

The bad news:
  1. I broke a spoke on my rear wheel, which had already been re-trued for probably the last time
  2. I only got in a total of about 140 miles

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Stage 1/Blow Me

And yet, with a title like that, this post will still be work-safe. Sorry to disappoint...

I just finished the first stage of Rider On The Storms. My goal is to get at least 75 miles in each day. I'd been hoping to get 100 miles in today, but the wind ended up being horrible, so I cut the ride short in the hopes of being able to get more miles in tomorrow. See below for pictures and more details.

I woke up at about 0515, had 2oz of FRS w/ 5g of L-glutamine, 1 packet of Oaxacan Chocolate Quinoa cereal, 1 Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted English Muffin w/ 1T almond butter, and a cup of black tea. Fed the pups, shaved my head in preparation for the ride, and hit the road at about 0730

Don't I look all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? That'll change eventually.

I met up with Kathleen at about 1145 for lunch at Espresso Royale (Turkey and Boursin Pannini, a cup of Chicken Enchilada soup, 2 cups of mixed fruit, and a double espresso). Took about a 45 minute break while eating lunch, then hit the road again. By that point, I'd gotten about 52 miles in. There was a definite wind out of the south-west, but nothing more than an annoyance. The second I started heading south again, that all changed - the wind got much stronger, my speed dropped considerably, and it was a struggle to keep going. Riding south quickly became a non-option, and riding east or west was very difficult due to cross-winds.

With a little over 75 miles in, I decided to head for home, since putting in any significant additional milage probably would have jeopardized my ability to bike any real amount in stage 2.

I'm grumpy because the wind hates me. Yes, I recognize the considerable irony in riding less far than I'd hoped in a hurricane relief fundraising ride due to the severity of the wind.

Me, at home, roughly 6 miles later (rode a total of 81.8 miles today). Setting aside the wind for the moment, the weather was nice, albeit rather varied - I left the house this morning wearing biking jersey, shorts, arm warmers and leg warmers, and was very glad that I had the arm and leg warmers. By the time I finished the ride, it was 86 degrees out.

I consumed 8 scoops of Perpetuem over the course of the ride, and am now sipping a serving of Recoverite (not to be confused with sipping on gin and juice, although I am currently laid back and I do currently have the Red Cross and Noah's Wish's money on my mind).

As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to go soak in an ice bath, and then nap on the sofa and listen to Peaches.
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