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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Short video of today's blizzard

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Details on tonight's run

Setting out for a run
Originally uploaded by infoninja.
Here's what things looked like when I set out for tonight's run - click through for details on the photo...

I ended up covering .58 miles at an average pace of 26:23, with an average heart rate of 159, and a max HR of 175.

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Man plans, and God laughs

Well, I went for my "run", such as it was. We're still in a blizzard, and only a couple of people in my section of town besides me have cleared the sidewalk in front of their house. As a result, the majority of my run was in snow well above my knees, with wind above 30MPH. I ended up covering a little over half a mile in about 15 minutes...I was feeling pretty good at the end of it, and was feeling like I could have continued, but I didn't really think I get quality mileage in at that point, so I decided to come inside for hot chocolate chip cookies and Bushmills.

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Fun in the snow!

We're in the midst of a blizzard, and the University has canceled classes due to weather for the first time since 1979. I'm working from home today, except for Spinervals Time Trial Special before breakfast, and a recently completed hour and 15 minutes of shoveling snow to work up a good lunch appetite...

Will probably go for a little run tonight - see how I do in deep snow/heavy wind conditions (wind's gusting up to 40MPH currently). Two days until the winner of the North Pole Marathon contest is announced - if you've been considering adding a comment/testimonial to my entry but haven't yet, there's still time at:

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