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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Details on tonight's run

Setting out for a run
Originally uploaded by infoninja.
Here's what things looked like when I set out for tonight's run - click through for details on the photo...

I ended up covering .58 miles at an average pace of 26:23, with an average heart rate of 159, and a max HR of 175.

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Fun in the snow!

We're in the midst of a blizzard, and the University has canceled classes due to weather for the first time since 1979. I'm working from home today, except for Spinervals Time Trial Special before breakfast, and a recently completed hour and 15 minutes of shoveling snow to work up a good lunch appetite...

Will probably go for a little run tonight - see how I do in deep snow/heavy wind conditions (wind's gusting up to 40MPH currently). Two days until the winner of the North Pole Marathon contest is announced - if you've been considering adding a comment/testimonial to my entry but haven't yet, there's still time at:

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do these running tights make my ass look fat?

Went for a a run this afternoon in positively balmy weather (-2F wind chill - at the end of the run, there was a little bit of Perpetuem left in my water bottle, and that was a pretty thick slush). Ended up doing 12.1 miles @ 9:23 pace, including short walk breaks every 2 miles (working on fueling mechanics for ultras). I've finally got a handle on the glasses fogging up problem - wiping down my glasses with an anti-fogging cloth, plus wearing a pair of ski goggles seem to have mostly taken care of the problem. I had a couple of very small fogging/icing problems over the course of the run, but nothing too major.

The park sidewalks were clear of snow for the most part, which allowed me to focus a bit more on determining my fueling/anti-fogging strategies for the North Pole Marathon.

I did the run in 6 loops around the perimeter of one of the local parks, plus a short loop through the park to finish the run. About half-way through the run, 3 young deer ran across one of the busier streets bordering the park, almost right in front of me - pretty cool experience...

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Friday, February 09, 2007

The North Pole Marathon contest winner should be announced in less than 7 days, and I'm on pins and needles at this point. The cold has continued here pretty much unabated, which has given me the opportunity for more cold weather training, although not as much as I'd like - we got a good deal of snow on Tuesday, so my tempo run on Tuesday and my hill intervals on Thursday were done at the gym. I had plans for a fairly easy 9:00 pace 4 miler this morning, but that was derailed by the fact that apparently people in this town are in capable of clearing the sidewalk in front of their house after it snows. Weather was 6F with 8MPH wind - positively balmy!

A good deal of the run was in ankle-deep snow, varying between relatively fluffy powder and unevenly packed snow/melt/dirt with frequent holes from previous walkers, so my average pace ended up being 10:39, and that was pushing - my average HR for the run was 169, and that's with several walking breaks included. I'm figuring it was good training for the North Pole...

My legs are feeling pretty beat up currently, and I'm planning on a 12-13 miler tomorrow. I had been planning on using one of my typical road routes for that, but given the snow, I'm probably going to head for one of the parks in town and just do it in 3-4 mile loops.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

One more item re: Winterfest 5k, plus more fun in the cold

One item I forgot re: yesterday's 5k - in response to the question "How cold was it?", my best answer/example is the fact that breathing through my mouth during warmup and the race was a problem, due to the fact that my tongue kept going numb...
Today I decided to do a nice and easy 3 mile recovery run at about 9:00 pace. Ended up running slightly more than 3 miles, with fairly even splits. In a repeat of yesterday's weather, it was -7.5F when I left the house, with about 7MPH wind, for a lovely wind chill of -22F/-30C. I bundled up a bit more than yesterday, which kept me warmer, but certainly forced me to run slower. Running gear this morning was as follows:
  • On the bottom half of my body:
    • 2 pairs of wool blend running/hiking socks
    • Brooks Axiom trainers
    • Silk base layer
    • Under Armour tights
    • Running tights
    • Patagonia wind tights
  • On the top half of my body:
    • Silk base layer
    • Under Armour wicking top
    • 500 Festival technical shirt
    • Heavy weight wicking shirt
    • Cycling windbreaker
    • Thinsulate gloves
    • Thinsulate mittens
    • Neoprene/fleece face mask
    • Fleece ear band
    • Wicking skullcap
    • Running hat
I had a great time on the run - the only problems I had was the aforementioned lack of speed due to all the layers, and the fact that by the time I got home, my face mask was frozen stiff, my glasses were completely iced over, and there was so much ice on my eyelids and eyelashes that when I got inside and started to warm up, I initially thought I was crying from all the icemelt running down my face. All in all, I had a blast!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kankakee Winterfest 5k Race Results

First of all, I'll deal with the bad news. My goal was to use the Winterfest 5k to try to qualify for a seeded start position at the half-marathon in Indianapolis. That didn't happen. Now I'll step through the race and give y'all the good news at the end. We drove up to Kankakee this morning (in a car borrowed at the last minute from friends after the water pump in ours went to the great junkyard in the sky). I'd been watching the weather forecast pretty closely all weekend, since I knew it was going to be super cold and windy, and wanted some idea of how cold it was going to be. I discovered first-hand how cold it was while warming up (as much as one can when it's this cold).
Gear required for a race @ -14F wind chill(click for annotations on specific gear)
When we got there, it was 6.8F, with 23MPH winds from the WNW. That works out to -14F/-26C wind chill (the North Pole Marathon lists average wind chill in 2003, 2004, and 2006 of -29C, -25C, and -10C, respectively), and a couple somewhat uncomfortable sections of a roughly rectangular 2 lap course.

And they're off!
A little over 100 runners started at promptly 1pm - I ran this race last year, setting my 5k PR of 23:20.1. The course was almost identical this year, except they re-routed the finish very slightly so the chute put us directly into a nice toasty warm building to quickly take the chill off after we finished.

I got a good start, a little slower than my goal pace, but not that far off. Turning the first corner into the wind, I suddenly felt like I was running through molasses. The course took us in and out of the wind several times, but due to the way the race was laid out and the direction of the wind, we ended up running into a roughly 25MPH headwind for almost all of one section of the course, and into that same wind as a cross/headwind for another section of the course. Since it was a 2 lap course, we got to play in the wind in each of those sections twice!

Crossing the finish line - official finish time of 23:04.9
My dream goal was to finish in less than 20:30, which would qualify me for the #2 seeded start corral at the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. I ended up finishing in 23:04.9, shaving more than :15 off my 5k PR (and doing it in very cold and windy circumstances - last year when I ran this race, it was 30F, with 14MPH wind, for a balmy wind chill of 19F)

Ow - my aching everything
Waiting for me at the finish - a loving spouse (thanks, sweetie!), a space blanket (thanks, Chicago Marathon!), and a recovery beverage (thanks, protein powder, Cell-Tech, and glutamine!)

Relaxing before my award
I got changed into warm and dry clothing, and decided to relax a bit and stay for the awards ceremony, where I discovered several things:
  1. I finished 24th out of 106 finishers (placing me very nicely in the top 25%). Last year, I finished 64th out of 179 finisher, which didn't even get me into the top third.
  2. I placed 2nd in the Male 30-34 age group, for my first age group award!
    First age group award that I've gotten
  3. The age group award has a polar bear on it - a good sign for the North Pole Marathon contest, perhaps?

(Note - if you'd like to leave a supporting statement on my North Pole Marathon contest entry, they're still accepting testimonials at:

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bring. it. on.

Predicted conditions in Kankakee at the start of the 5k:
  • 4F temperature
  • 19MPH wind from the WNW (curently, the wind there is 16MPH, gusting to 25MPH)
That'll result in wind chill of -16F/-27C.

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