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Saturday, February 17, 2007

More fun in the snow!

As promised, here's what I did after my mini-vacation...

We had an 18 mile training run scheduled for today to train for the Clinton Trail Race, which I also thought would be a good training run for the North Pole Marathon if I end up at that (I should hear about that by Monday). We drove out to Allerton in a steadily falling snow (although nothing nearly as bad as Tuesday's blizzard), and were presented with the following on the trail
Looking out on the Allerton Schroth trail
That's roughly mid-calf deep snow, with a completely ungroomed trail when we started.
A view of the Allerton Schroth trail
The plan was to run 3 loops of the 6 mile trail. The depth and density of the snow disagreed strongly with us on that...

A little over 2 hours after the start, we finished the first loop of the course, and were pretty much done for the day at that point (the loop was described by the organizer, who ran >200 miles at this year's Across The Years, as "pretty damn tough...I don't think anyone considered a 2nd or 3rd loop"), and rather snow encrusted...
Post run icebergs on shoes
We stopped at the Red Wheel for breakfast afterwards, and I had my traditional post-run breakfast (The Shea-Stack - three buttermilk pancakes, no butter, with three eggs over-easy sandwiched in the pancakes)
The Shea-stack special

The wind had picked up a bit by the time we left the restaurant, and conditions on the road were not great on the way back home. About half way back to Champaign, the truck I was in decided that the day would be more exciting if we spun around a couple times on the highway, ending up in the middle of the median, pointing in the opposite direction to our intended travel, in snow deep enough that I had trouble getting my door open to get out. The other car of runners was a few minutes behind us, so they were able to stop and help us get dug/pushed out. The unpleasant (and somewhat amusing in retrospect) part was the fact that I was standing directly behind one of the back wheels pushing, which resulted in
  1. being repeatedly pelted with snow/ice in a very sensitive place
  2. looking like this by the time we were doneGrrr

Came home, took a hot bath, and now I'm resting up for tomorrow's cycling time trial

Update: Kathleen just pointed out that I left out how I felt about today's run (probably due to focusing on the epic nature, and my run-in with the snow goblins flinging snowballs at my crotch)...I had a blast - do I wish I'd gotten 18 miles in? Of course I do, but I had a great time on the run, and can't complain about it as training for the North Pole Marathon, that's for sure.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Details on tonight's run

Setting out for a run
Originally uploaded by infoninja.
Here's what things looked like when I set out for tonight's run - click through for details on the photo...

I ended up covering .58 miles at an average pace of 26:23, with an average heart rate of 159, and a max HR of 175.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

The North Pole Marathon contest winner should be announced in less than 7 days, and I'm on pins and needles at this point. The cold has continued here pretty much unabated, which has given me the opportunity for more cold weather training, although not as much as I'd like - we got a good deal of snow on Tuesday, so my tempo run on Tuesday and my hill intervals on Thursday were done at the gym. I had plans for a fairly easy 9:00 pace 4 miler this morning, but that was derailed by the fact that apparently people in this town are in capable of clearing the sidewalk in front of their house after it snows. Weather was 6F with 8MPH wind - positively balmy!

A good deal of the run was in ankle-deep snow, varying between relatively fluffy powder and unevenly packed snow/melt/dirt with frequent holes from previous walkers, so my average pace ended up being 10:39, and that was pushing - my average HR for the run was 169, and that's with several walking breaks included. I'm figuring it was good training for the North Pole...

My legs are feeling pretty beat up currently, and I'm planning on a 12-13 miler tomorrow. I had been planning on using one of my typical road routes for that, but given the snow, I'm probably going to head for one of the parks in town and just do it in 3-4 mile loops.

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